Conversations on Liveness

Readings and other conversation pieces will be posted a few days before on the Liveness Discord server. Get in touch if you like to join us. All are welcome!

Winter Term 2021

Upcoming episodes (10am – 12pm):

Feb 16 – Locative tech – On the state of locative tech – what is and isn’t feasible these days? How does different locative tech scale or not? This episode will be led by, Jorge Lopes Ramos and Jade Maravala of ZU-UK.

Mar 2 – Spring Break

Mar 23 – Trust – what is trust and why does it matter for liveness and games? How might it be cultivated or not?

April 6 – Endings – what marks the end of a liveness experience? Better and worse endings? Open or closed, high or low? What makes for a fulfilling ending for players and creators.

Apr 20 – Care – techniques and methods in caring for players/audiences before, during and after an experience. Is care integral to liveness in ways that it isn’t for other media forms.

Past episodes:

On Liveness – A primer on liveness in relation to interactive performances.

Freeform Larp

Community building

Things – what is the role of things in liveness experience design? Object-narrators vs mediators? Design ideas around the use of “things”.