Radio Ghost by ZU-UK

Part ghost-hunt, part late-night radio, part walking meditation. Radio Ghost is a game for 3 players in a shopping mall. In Radio Ghost, you are a ghost-hunter, broadcasting your journey as you reach through portals into the far-away dimensions of a haunted Mall.

You and your team of hunters will have to blend in as perfect shoppers to unlock ghost stories, in this mission that is part game, part interactive radio show and part ghost-hunt.

This game won’t reverse the damage or change the ending or save the pandas but

It’s not about guilt

It’s not about shame

It’s not even about you

It is about learning to put blame where it belongs and how it is that certain things came to be in our hands, delivered to us by the hands of ghosts……and that no matter how hard you dust, you’ll not find their fingerprints.

Warning: This game is not a real ghost hunt. You’ll not be searching for headless kings or grey ladies in attics. These ghosts are of a different nature altogether…

Do you believe in ghosts?

“This game is really good – Iva’s voice brings your cortisol levels right down – and you’ll never look at stuff in quite the same way ever again.” Random Playtester

Created and produced by ZU-UK

Creative Team (in alphabetical order):
David Aldhouse
Mink Ette
Ross Flight
Kesia Guillery
Hayley Hill
Arlo Howard
Jorge Lopes Ramos
Persis Jadé Maravala
Jess Marcotte
Maria José Marulanda
Marnie Nash
Alex Peckham
Carlos Eduardo Pires
James Turpin

Part of the Liveness Project, in collaboration with TAG
Co-commissioned by LIFT, Lowry and Tramway
Funded by ACE, Innovate UK and UK-Canada Immersive Exchange

Twitter: @iamzuuk
Facebook: @iamzuuk
Instagram: @iamzuuk