Dear EARS,


The staff will start your SEEKER and the volume on your earphone will also be preset for you. (Please don’t try to change the volume yourself. Simply ask one of the staff for help with this if you need it or if you have trouble with any of the equipment.)

Your earphones are bone-conducting earphones and should be worn as is shown in the photo. They allow you to hear the stories while also remaining connected to the bustle of the market.

You will be using the marvelous SEEKER to search out fragments of stories floating like ghosts in the market. When the SEEKER detects a story it will stream it to your headphones.  There are at least 12 stories but you do not need to find them all. Each one will only be available twice. Listen carefully to the story and especially to the instruction at the end. Then, tell your EYES what you heard. They need this information in order to take photos.

The OTHER Market and the Loot Garden were principally funded by the SSHRC grant program titled “Sustaining Liveness in Participatory Experiences” (2019-2023).