This table is your realm—especially the CRAFTING AREA.

Here you will use paper craft materials and the tools you see before you to create an ESSENTIAL OBJECT for your team.

A crafter like you already knows how to use the tools of the trade. Unless, perhaps, the glue applicator seems a little strange? To use it, you may need to remove the protective cap (which may look like the one in the photo or a little different). Then slide the tip of the applicator along the surface you want to glue.

To get your first crafting material, talk to the Rabbit in the pub! After that, you will need to go out into the market and find the Rabbit to get more materials if you need more. The Rabbit may want to exchange a photo for your materials or negotiate a bit!  

The other side of the table is where you and your team will put the photos that your EYES bring back. Of course, they will likely bring back more photos than there are photo frames. With your team, you will have to choose just 8 photos to feature as the game evolves.

At the end of the game, the Essential Object you have created will go on show on the central stand.


The OTHER Market and the Loot Garden were principally funded by the SSHRC grant program titled “Sustaining Liveness in Participatory Experiences” (2019-2023).